Spray-On Bedliners

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Frequently asked questions & answers about bedliners:

Why not a plastic drop-in bedliner?
The original plastic drop-in liner is characterized by several problems. They move or slide around as a truck is driven and scratch the paint underneath. Owners lose storage space because manufacturers leave a gap between the drop-in and the steel of the truck bed. As a result, air, water, and debris are trapped under the drop-in liner, causing rust. Finally, drop-in liners can warp in the sun, and if damaged cannot be repaired. Given these problems, it is easy to see why truck owners are choosing the spray-in alternative.

What is a spray-in bedliner?
A spray-in bedliner is a permanent, repairable, perfectly contoured, anti-skid, air and water-tight bedliner that offers protection from rust, abrasion, impact, and chemical corrosion.

How long will you need my truck?
The application process is a same day service. If planning to wait for an installation, allow a minimum of 3 hours.

What are you going to do to my truck?
The application process involves masking off (or covering) the entire truck except the area to be sprayed (the bed), sanding the paint in the bed to promote adhesion of the liner, cleaning the surface to be sprayed, spraying the liner, and unmasking the truck.

When can I use my truck?
You can walk on your truck bed when you pick it up, but allow 12-24 hours before rough use.

Doesn’t a spray-in cost more?
It is true that up-front costs are greater, but the increased life span and superior performance qualities of a spray-in will save money in the long run.

Will my drain-holes, tie-downs, bed-bolts, or handle hardware be covered by the spray?
No, all features of your truck bed will function as designed; all fasteners removed prior to application, and reinstalled post-application.

Can I put a spray-in in an older truck or used truck?
Yes, generally, but older trucks occasionally present unique problems. The condition of the paint in the truck bed, and prior usage will be the most important variables.

The spray-in liner is black; will it be too hot for my dog, etc.?
No. In the sun, the liner will feel cooler that the painted steel of a black truck.

Will this liner get soft in the summer? How hot is too hot, how cold is too cold?
No. The summer sun will have no effect on our products. We do not recommend our liners for uses characterized by temperatures greater than 300 F. Our raw materials are designed to resist freezing, our liners do not get brittle in the cold.

Can I install accessories with a spray-in bedliner?

Accessories are designed to fit factory specifications. Since our Spray in Liners don’t waste space like a drop in liner, your accessories will fit the way they were meant to.